Oil Paintings, Photos and Books by Giftus R. John


Niagara Falls
Flaming NYC Pagua Bay
Cricket-Senjo Gwo Kai-Senjo West Coast-Mero
Rainbow-Scotts Head Duck on Pond-Spring Lake View of Roseau
Silvery Sunset Pagua Bay near Marigot Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd
Calibishie Coastline Layou River Senjo
Golden Sunset-Mero Old Mill Cultural Center Lizard Basking in the Sunlight
Cruise Ship in Port View from Jimmit Castle Bruce Coastline
Senjo Bay Front Roseau Bay Front Scotts Head Bay
Senjo R.C. Church Petals or Eyes? Pagua Rock
Sinekou's Coastline Senjo Coastline Senjo Hills
Cabritts Port L'enfer-Calibishie Rodney's Rock
Calibishie Coastline Making Farine Fishing Canoe-Batalie


Old Well Pump-Fort Shirley Ginger Lilly Trafalfar Falls Bird Eye Lilly Original WTC

The Path-Fort Shirley

CN Tower-Can Senjo Coastline Emerald Pool Coconut anyone?

Geejay Paintings

Photo Gallery_2