Giftus R. John

Author, painter and photographer

Giftus John is from the west coast village of St. Joseph on the island of Dominica in the West Indies. He is an author, painter and photographer. He has published four books; two poetry collections, a short story collection and a novel. His latest publication “Verses from atop the Mountain,” is his second poetry collection published in the United States. Prior to emigrating to the United States Giftus had published two booklets of poetry; “The Dawn” and “Words in the Quiet Moments.”

All his paintings are with oil while he loves doing landscape photography sprinkled now and then with portraits. Giftus loves being able to record what he sees, imagines and hears through his art. His work is representative of what he has a passion for and he uses all three of his talents to help him get a better understanding of what he does.

Through his painting and photography he is able to capture and appreciate other aspects of nature and the beauty they present.

Giftus presently resides in Union with his wife, Theresa. They are the parents of two children